All diamond pastes are made on the basis of powders of synthetic diamonds in accordance with GOST 3292-95 and other standards and requirements.

The diamond grinding powders of grades AC4, AC6 and micro powders ACH, ACM of various grain sizes and concentrations are used for the preparation of diamond pastes.

The surface active agents are obligatory added into composition during the production of diamond pastes. The agents considerably facilitate the process of parts washing, and flammable liquids, slags and chips are moved out from a processing zone. All this result in substantial increase of labor productivity and improvement of a processed surface quality. It is natural that due to such a balanced composition, the diamond paste has a property that acts on a processed surface, both chemically and mechanically.

The finishing and development works are the broadest field of diamond pastes application. To perform finishing and development, a small amount of diamond paste is applied on a lapping plates, i.e. special tools with the shapes that correspond to the shapes of lapped faces (they may be flat, cylindrical, threaded, etc.).

The Types of Pastes and Field of Application.

Type of paste Removability Consistency Field of application
Г О М Processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys, non-metallic materials, steels and semiconductor materials.
Л ВО М Processing of alloy steels, cast iron, ceramics, metal ceramics, hard alloys, ferrite, and sapphire.
Х В, ВО М, Т Processing of glass, semiconductor materials, hard-carbide tipped tools, draw plates.
Э ВО М Processing of glass, semiconductor materials, hard-carbide tipped tools.

There is a production of diamond pastes of normal (Н), increased (П) and high concentration (B) depending on a mass fraction of diamond powder in paste that influences abrasive ability.

The abrasive ability is characterized by the amount of material ground off in a unit time. Give it in other words, the processing productivity increases with the increase in a mass fraction of diamond powder in paste.

After having applied diamond polishing pastes for your operations, you will quickly notice that their use contributes to a substantial increase of labor productivity and guarantees excellent results.