Titanium Carbide Pastes

Abrasive paste КТ consists of grain-classified screened and micro titanium carbide powders, bonding agents and surface-active agents. It is intended for lapped finishing (operational development) and polishing of mainly ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

As bonding and surface-active agents, there used natural and synthetic fatty acids and their derivatives (soap, wax, and spirits), and also various hydrocarbons, glycols and their derivatives, polymers, etc.

The composition of paste and the components ratio depend on specific conditions of its application. The pastes are produced on fat-base and water-soluble base in salve-like state (in tubas) and in solid state (in the form of pencils).

Depending on the quantity of titanium carbide powder in paste that varies wildly and makes 20 to 60% of mass fraction, the concentration of paste can be normal (H) and increased (П).

Paste symbol: KT — 10/7 НОМ, where KT - titanium carbide powder; 10/7 - its granularity; H — normal concentration; O — organic solvents washable; M — salve-like state.

The effectiveness of the application of KT pastes conditioned by a specific affect of titanium carbide powder grains may be explained as the following:

  • the processing time is reduced by two to three times due to the use of coarse-grained pastes providing higher quality of surface than fine-grained diamond and abrasive pastes and powders;
  • the consumption of paste is reduced twice because it is possible to achieve the same quality of surface with one-type granularity KT paste as by using the paste on the basis of diamond or other abrasive with several grain sizes, and besides, as a result the number of operations is considerably reduced during the processing;
  • the durability of the parts operated in friction units is increased by half due to the absence of abrasive charging into the processed surface or its reduction;
  • the yield ratio of the parts that correspond to the technical requirements is increased (as per formation of scratches, deviation from task geometry, etc.).

KT paste is the most effective when used for operational development and polishing of the aircraft equipment parts, precision bearings, valve and brake fittings and the assemblies of pneumatic actuators (cranes, gates, and hydraulic cylinders), the fuel equipment (plunger and barrel assemblies, valves), the tool equipment, during the manufacture of thin sections and processing of gear wheels and pinions.

Packing: tubas– 40 grs., plastic drums – 40, 50, 100 , 500 grs. and 1 kg.